Riskiest Photography Ever – Inches Away From Fiercest Predators

Lets take a look at artistic work of bravest photographer of the world. Jonathan Griffiths risked his life as he took these breathtaking shots, just inches from tigers, bears and cougars, capturing the moment a lion came so close it was pawing at his lens.

Excellent Examples Of Bird Photography by Linh Dinh

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No doubt bird photography is one of the most popular aspects of animal photography. Taking perfect pictures of birds in the wild can be very challenging for photographers.  It is said that Blue skies are best for pictures of birds in flight. And the bluest sky of the day is often that hour after dawn. Also, look for patterns when you may have flocks of birds that fly over your yard at certain times of day. Or, if you want to photograph birds of prey, such as osprey, go to a lake or river early in the evening when they fish. This is also a good time for soft, even and warm lighting. Lets take a look at incredible birds photography done by Linh Dinh.

Trends in Voluntourism: The Kokua Project – Saving Animals in Hawaii

Lanai Cat
Lanai Hawaii's Most Enticing Island
While in Lana’i, as part of the Lana’i Visitor’s Bureau New Media Artist in Residence Program, I had the opportunity to meet a truly exceptional person, Kathy Carroll.
I was at a small gathering of Lana’i residents when a woman approached and said “I love your dogs!” This was definitely a first for me, but apparently my pups are world famous. As it turns out, I had just met Kathy Carroll, a Lana’i social activist, lover of the arts and ardent cat lover. Just how ardent I was about to learn.
Kathy Carroll
Kathy Carroll
Kathy and her husband, the renowned Lana’i painter Mike Carroll, moved to the small island more than ten years ago from Chicago to live a simpler, happier life. By all appearances, this energetic couple have achieved that remarkable feat. They own and operate an art gallery in the center of town and are extremely active in the civic life of the island. But Kathy wasn’t content with just that. As a strong supporter of animals, she soon recognized a need on the island that was sorely lacking, an animal rescue center.
After tremendous research, persuasion of local residents and hard work, Kathy, along with an army of supporters and volunteers, created the Lana’i Animal Rescue Center (LARC). The centerpiece of their efforts is one of the most interesting and ingenious rescue facilities I have ever seen, the cat sanctuary.
I love animals and am a strong supporter of any effort to help improve their lives. We have adopted three dogs from rescue centers in the Mid-Atlantic, saving them from a fate I would prefer not to ponder. So when I heard about this remarkable facility and was even invited to visit, I jumped at the opportunity.
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Demonstrating the kind, neighborly spirit found everywhere on Lana’i, we met Kathy at her gallery and she drove us the few miles to the sanctuary. Located off one of the few main roads, I was a little surprised at the spot where she chose to park the car. We were in a fenced off area in a giant, windblown field quite honestly in the middle of nowhere, if that can even be said of an island 18 miles long. I have visited countless rescue centers and usually a key feature is, you know, a center, or at least a building of some sort. That was before I understood the true genius of the cat sanctuary design.
The cat sanctuary is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to its occupants, more than 250 of them, and was built in consultation with veterinarians from neighboring islands. The sanctuary is completely open-air, its boundaries marked with a special fencing to keep the cats in and everything else out.
Lanai Cat
We walked up to the gate and were instantly amazed by the scene before us, dozens of cats each meowing, anxiously awaiting our arrival. I walked through and my legs became ensnared in a furry Gordian knot, each feline rubbing against my legs and obviously enjoying the attention.
The next hour passed by in a flash, and the visit was one of the more memorable activities I enjoyed during my time on Lana’i. As a pet owner, whenever I am away from my fur-babies, I miss them terribly and usually seek out any animal I can find for that much needed animal interaction. My time at the sanctuary filled that need and while I selfishly loved it, the interaction also helped the cats as well.
Lana’i has a problem, a cat problem. Over the years, domesticated cats have been released to the wilds where they lived out their lives breeding and perpetuating the process over dozens of generations. Over time, literally thousands of wild, feral cats began to call the wide-open fields of Lana’i home. The sanctuary takes these animals in, gives them health care, spays/neuters them and over time acclimates them to human interaction and attention. The sanctuary is incredibly important for the cats, as it saves them from a dangerous life that, in many instances, leads to an early, tragic death.
Family fun at the sanctuary
Family fun at the sanctuary
Apparently, I wasn’t the first person to recognize the importance and uniqueness of this facility. The Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i recently announced a new voluntourism initiative which will include the Lana’i Animal Rescue Center Cat Sanctuary, the Kokua Project.
In the Hawaiian language, kokua refers to a sense of mutual support, and helping others. The Kokua Project enables guests the opportunity to experience the island and culture by volunteering. Guests can help care for local animals at the Lana‘i Animal Rescue Center, where the mission is to assist animals in need. Volunteer activities range from “Pet & Purr” cat socialization, painting kitty condos, upkeep of facility, gardening, weeding, and pruning.
Lanai cat
As a hotel guest, I would jump at the opportunity to give back to the local community and help these sweet animals in any way I can. Also, more selfishly, this is a dream voluntourism opportunity for me as it gives me my fix of animal interaction, assuaging some of my guilt from leaving behind my own fur-kids, and allowing me to enjoy my vacation that much more.
While voluntourism isn’t necessarily a unique idea, this particular concept is and it demonstrates true commitment by the Four Seasons Resorts to participate in and give back to the local community. I’ve written about ecotourism and sustainable tourism before, and just like in those examples, it’s easy for a hotel or resort not to do anything. Committing to voluntourism though is a hard decision to make. It is selfless and in no way adds to their bottom line, but does improve the lives of others in ways no one will ever know. So, the next time you’re on Lana’i, ask the front desk about the Kokua project and be sure to say hi to Kathy when you attend your first Pet and Purr session.
Cat Condo
Cat Condo
Lanai Cats

Joyful Dance of the Dolphins

Photographer Greg Huglin of Santa Barbara, Calif., captured these striking images of bottlenose dolphins during three trips to the South African coast between 2000 and 2007. He shot the photos along a stretch of coastline between Port Elizabeth and Wilderness.

40 Extremely Weird Animal Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an art that could be done under advanced portrait retouching. This is actually one of the advanced photo editing strategies that is the oldest in the book and could be done either by beginners or professionals. A combined effort between photography and graphic design that is undergoing continuous evolution, photo manipulation is what others call photo art and provides some kind of illusion to a photo. There are different kinds of photo manipulation, and these include digital editing and the use of prints, negatives, or transparencies that are made digital through feeding them into a scanner. Image warping is just one of the things done during photo manipulation as well as the addition of some other special effects. This post features a collection of artistic manipulated images. Hope these photos will make smile on your face!

photo credit 1 to 34: Sebastian  Niedlich


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