The most friendly whales in the world

What could be better than a huge pat resident of the seas and oceans? Just kiss him on the forehead! Such an opportunity is available to tourists in San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico, where there are very friendly in the world of whales.
most friendly whales
most friendly whales

Pony-sized small dog

Ultra-small horse Einstein increasing total-only 50 cm!
Einstein became a star as soon as he moved from the U.S. to Britain. At a farm in New Hampshire town of Barnstead thousands lined up wanting to look at it. However, despite its popularity among the two-legged baby could not boast the presence of fellow tribesmen. Einstein’s attempts to find mates Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagner, its owners have decided to base the book to be published to the birthday of the micro-horses.
small pony
small pony

A blue puppy

hat do you think why such a blue puppy …? It seems he has found where he was put on a little makeup
blue puppy
blue puppy

Surprise for a walk

Once on a walk through the forest company of people met a predatory animal – a lynx, an animal fortunately turned out to tender, which is practically not possible for a predator.
surprise walk
surprise walk

Newborn anteater

This kid-ant males born in the Busch Gardens on April 10. In total about 35 anteaters live in zoos in North America, but only in the Busch Gardens family lives with a baby anteater.
baby anteater
baby anteater
baby anteater
baby anteater

Keith exploded

The corpse of the deceased at sea whale transported along the street in China. Suddenly the whale … exploded … Locals shocked, zoologists at a loss. Beware, then the photo is not a pleasant one.
whale exploded
whale exploded

Monkey rider

Very funny little monkeys jumping jumps on dog!
Tim Lepard and his rodeo show ‘Wild Thang’ with the monkeys, Capuchins galloping like a cowboy, on dogs is not the first year, attracts crowds of spectators. The last presentation they gave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Four monkeys Tim Lepard and a team of dogs known to the public as “Ghost Riders”. Trained to work in teams with each other, dogs and monkeys to perform various tasks, like collecting sheep or jumping over the fence.
monkey rider
monkey rider

Traffic light dove

In English, Essex live pigeon with unusual taste in choosing a place to stay. Roxanne, so called pigeon locals built a nest of twigs in front of red light. Tiny dove strongly blocks the signal lamp and the drivers do not always notice it, quietly sleeping in spite of the light and passing underneath the car.
traffic light
traffic light

Massive fish kills

For unknown reasons, millions of milkfish died in lakes across the country a week after the announced end of the world. Millions of milk fish, or milkfish, while surfaced a small volcanic lake near the capital of the Philippines. Locals told us that milkfish long swim in circles at the water surface and then floated belly up.
massive fish kill
massive fish kill

Sperm whale tired to swim

Sperm whale apparently tired of swimming and decided to run aground in England. Rescuers scrambled to help him, but could not save. We can qualify this like an odditie.
whale tired
whale tired

Ocelot cat

Domestic cat of this size would be considered huge, but the wild beast of 100 to 140 centimeters, half-meter height and weighing 10-16 pounds in the background, such as Bengal tigers just a sample of grace. These parameters for the woodsman just right, you can hunt small animals and birds, and not starve.
Ocelot, singles, couples constitute only during mating. Are nocturnal, making it difficult to study their habits. Excellent climb trees, but the hunt for the most part on the ground.
cat ocelot
cat ocelot

Crazed elephants

Two elephants broke into a suburb of the city of Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. They emerged from the woods and become like a mad destroy everything in its path. They attacked the livestock grazed the cars going by and tried to trample the people who stand in their way. One person died, he had not had time to escape the clutches of an angry elephant. Three hours of elephants held in horror the whole town, until they were knocked down a tranquilizer.
elephant crazy
elephant crazy

Who stole the eggs?

A German discovered the loss of eggs from the hen house, he decided to trace where they go? To do so, he laid an egg in a hollow tree, found near the camera and held the rope. If you pull the egg, the camera work. Thief has been determined.
stole eggs
stole eggs

all Awesome Wild Animal Photos

 awesome-wild-animal pictures
 awesome-wild-animal pictures

Bald eagle chases down and catches a starling in mid-air

This tiny starling didn't stand a chance after a hungry bald eagle chose it as a mid-air snack.
This incredible sequence of pictures shows the enormous bird of prey closing in on its target.
The defenceless starling flies on, apparently unaware of the eagle behind it.

bald eagle
Too late: The tiny starling is dwarfed by the massive bird of prey as it lifts its talons to grab its meal
But within seconds the eagle is so close its beak almost grazes the tail of the tiny bird.
In one swift moment, the hunter's razor-sharp claws have closed around its prey.
Photographer Rob Palmer captured these incredible pictures in Colorado, U.S.
The 56-year-old, from Littleton, said: 'I noticed a group of eagles sitting in the trees and then I spotted they were catching the starlings and blackbirds.
'It went on for a number of days. The starlings would launch out of the yard and into the air as one.
bald eagle

Top Ten Poisonous Animals in the World

Here are  photos of world’s top ten most poisonous animals.
1. Jelly Fish

2. King Cobra

Unique Hidden Camera Images of Lions

Captured by a remote camera disguised with elephant dung and grass, these intimate images give a unique insight in to the life of a jungle king.
Wildlife photographers Anup and Manoj Shah have spent a total of six months in the heart of the Masai Mara, photographing some of the 20 prides that roam the area.

Caboodle Ranch

Caboodle Ranch a 100 acre cat sanctuary created by Craig Grant in 2003 that is located Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. It is now home to over 500 happy cats.
Cats should be able to roam free, and at Caboodle Ranch, that’s what they do. We are in the middle of 100 acres of wildlife. The cats follow me through the nature trails that I put in and maintain, they climb in tree forts that I’ve built and hide in underground dens I’ve dug for them.
Caboodle Ranch is currently facing some financial hardships. If you would like help out the ranch and it’s feline residents thrive, you can make a donation or buy some merchandise.

20 Animals Which Are Beauty Of This World

Wildlife Today we are going to dedicate a post to world’s animals because according to an update of the Red List half the world’s animals are declining in population and more than a third are probably threatened with extinction. So please try to keep wildlife safe, they are the beauty of our world.
Most beautiful birds

18 Creative Dinosaurs Sand Sculptures

An exhibition of massive sand sculptures of dinosaurs was took place at Frankston Waterfront in Australia. About 21 talented and highly creative sculptors from Australia and around the world took almost three weeks to bring these creatures to ‘life’.

dinosaurs photo

12 Photos Of World’s Smallest Horse

world smallest horse
The ‘American miniature’ horse who undergo the double-whammy of being born a dwarf is suffering from health problems caused by his size, but he is now recovering and enjoying the life of a pampered pet. He’s cheeky, cute and smaller than a boxer dog, weighs just 35kg and height is only 59cm. Koda can travel on the front passenger seat of a car. Now he is living at a vet hospital north-east of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia.
Koda Horse

22 Cutest Photos Of Reptiles And Amphibians

Reptiles And Amphibians 1
Reptiles are hypothermic (Cold blooded animals) and depend upon the external environment for their body temperature. Amphibians breathe by their gills while Reptiles have lungs to breathe. Among all the reptiles like snakes, alligators, lizards, turtles etc., only the turtles show the likelihood of Amphibians. They can survive both in water and on the land. Even some turtles can live in deserts too!
On the other hand Amphibians are vertebrates that are adapted to live on both land and water. The ancestors of these animals were the early amphibians, who are believed to have appeared on Earth during the Devonian period. Amphibians are the earliest known tetra pods. They were the first animals with backbones (vertebrates) to go from living in water to living on land. Amphibians are entirely absent from marine environments. Amphibians are good indicators of environmental health. They live in both land and water environments and are the first animals to be affected by environmental change. Amphibians are dependent for their survival on a plentiful supply of fresh water that is free of chemical contaminants and harmful microbes. Here is collection of some cutest Reptiles And Amphibians captured by 56 years old photographer Judder.
Reptiles And Amphibians 2

30 Incredible Insect Photographs By Igor Siwanowicz Part-I

Igor Siwanowicz is the photographer who captured all these incredible photos. Igor used macro photography techniques while taking shots. Macro photography is a technique, which allows photographers to take close-up shots of subjects. Though it once referred exclusively to photography, which rendered the subject in life-size on the negative, it has come to encompass almost all magnified photographic techniques. Macro photography differs in many ways from other types of photography: it often requires specialized equipment and it requires that the photographer make a number of special considerations when planning their shots. Just take a look and imagine that how beautiful looking they are.

7 Photos Of Cutest Bird Of The World

Every one knows that Penguins are known as cutest birds on the earth. Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. An average penguin weighs as much as 11 pounds and is about 30 inches tall. Earlier it was believed that these creatures are nothing but fishes, but it came to be recognized much later that they were actually birds. The structure of their body makes it easy for them to acclimatize to such harsh weather conditions. They cannot fly but their waterproof wings help them move. Their big stomachs also facilitate their movement across the ice. The layer of fat covering their bodies protects them from cold and keeps them warm. It is said that penguins feel more comfortable when in water. The coloring of a penguin enables it to camouflage itself and merge with the surroundings. This way it protects itself from predators. They mainly feed on small fish and krill. These birds are harmless and quite gregarious amongst their own species. An interesting observation about the penguins is that when in water they swim in groups and some of the species even hunt together. In fact some species spend only a quarter of their lives on land.

12 Photos Of Cutest Angora Rabbit

The Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. The Angora is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, Turkey. Angora is more common as a pet because of the facial features that give it a puppy dog or teddy bear look.

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