The 20 Ugliest Animals on Earth

Well, question is that do any of our readers have already owned any  of these animals as a pet or would like to keep in future? Just scroll down to see all ugliest animals decide which one are you going to keep.

1. The Warthog

2. The ‘Oriental Yeti’

3. Komodo Dragon

4. The Aye-Aye

5. The Chinese Crested Dog

6. Vundu Catfish

7. Little Lorikeets

8. The Sloth

9. The Komondor

10. The Red-lipped Batfish

11. The Blobfish

12. Mata Turtle

13. Almiqui

14. The Naked Mole Rat

15. Flying Fox

16. Red Irish Lord Fish

17. Baird Tapir

18. Philippine Tarsier

19. Frill Shark

20. The Blobfish


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