Bears of Alaska

In this post we offer you to enjoy the lovely pictures portraying the natural life of Alaskan bears.

How Snakes Are Eaten

Siamese cobra (Naja siamensis) is one of the most amazing creatures on Earth, one of the three who are never ill. That is why at all snake farms of the South-Eastern Asia many medicines made "with help of" Siamese cobras are offered.

Just a Bit of Monkey Business

Monkey has a keen interest in politics. She wants to know about latest happenings in the world. In this view she is getting latest information from a news paper.
Monkey is reading a news paper
Monkey is a primate animal. The number of living species of monkey is 260 in all over the world. They are considered generally very intelligent. Mostly monkeys have their tail but, some have no tail they are called “apes”.
Monkey has a great relationship with humans. Monkey seems to learn the same way humans do. The way of learning and observe the things are same in both.
Mostly people kept them in zoo and enjoy seeing their habits and way of living. Let’s see and enjoy similarities of monkey with human.

It is very strange that a monkey is taking a puff of cigarette. She asks people for gags to feed her habit of smoking. She lives in Thailand.
Monkey is smoking
What a wonderful boxing match is done between two monkeys. This terrific match was done in animal park

A Hungry Crocodile Hunts Best

In this terrific picture you can see the crocodile’s attack on a big elephant. The crocodile caught the trunk of the elephant. This dramatic war was done in the South Lungwa National Park of Zambia.
Crocks attack on the elephant
Crocodile is a very dangerous swimmer of the sea. It has very big and hard teeth and a strong tail. Some crocodiles are without tails. They are called Rottweiler. It always stay under the water and don’t afraid from anything. Lizard is a small sister of crocodile.
Crocodile is a great hunter. He doesn’t leave anything that has been caught by him. He uses various unique techniques of hunting. If you have an interest in adventure and want to catch the crocodile must see and get information how to save yourself from the hungry crocs.

Crocks attack on the neck of tertile

15 Stunning Photographs Showing the Battle for Survival in the Wild

 From snarling lionesses in the bush to a great white shark snatching a seal from the air, these amazing pictures show nature at its most dramatic.

Humorous Photos of Dogs in Bikinis

 Would you like to dress up your dog like this? Well,  here is a collection of funniest pictures of dogs wearing bikinis.

The 7 Loudest Animals in the World

Engineers and evolutionary biologists in Scotland and France recorded the boatman—which is roughly the size of a grain of rice—”singing” in a tank. The aquatic insect’s songs peaked at 105 decibels, roughly equivalent to the volume of a pounding jackhammer within arm’s reach.
The chirps are loud enough that humans can hear the sounds while standing at the edge of a boatman’s pond. Fortunately for nature lovers, though, nearly all the sound is lost when the noises cross from water to air.
Remarkably, the boatman creates his songs by rubbing his penis against his belly, in a process similar to how crickets chirp. Sound-producing genitalia are relatively rare within the animal kingdom, but animals have evolved hundreds of other ways to boost their hoots, howls, and snaps.
Did you ever read about loudest animals of the world? Well, we have selected an article from Nat Geo containg a list of world’s loudest animals.
The Howler Monkey
The howler monkey is the loudest land animal. Its calls, which some say are actually more like growls, can be heard up to three miles (five kilometers) away.
The monkey’s volume comes from its enlarged hyoid bone, a U-shaped bone in the howler’s throat that “isn’t actually hooked to any of the [other] bones, so it kind of just hangs there,” said Dell Guglielmo, caretaker for two howler monkeys at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The enlarged bone creates a throat sac in which the monkey’s calls resonate before booming out.
The Howler Monkey
Coqui Frog
Only the males of the common coqui frog sing, but their calls, recorded at peaks of a hundred decibels from three feet (a meter) away, make them the loudest known amphibians.
The nocturnal frog’s two-part “co-qui” call has a two-part meaning: Other male frogs respond to the territorial “co” part of the call, while females are attracted to the “qui.”
In the coqui’s native habitat of Puerto Rico, the frogs are considered part of the island’s natural heritage. But

The 10 Extremely Dangerous Animals in the World

You wouldn’t think this tiny critter is a particularly deadly animal, but the mosquito is responsible for the deaths of more than two million people each year.
In most places the worst a mosquito will do to you is leave you with an itchy bite for a couple of days. However, in some regions mosquitoes act as a vector agent carrying disease-causing viruses and parasites from person to person without being affected themselves.
The most common mosquito-borne diseases include yellow fever, dengue fever and malaria.
There are more than 3500 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world, but it is believed the animal carries and transmits diseases to 700 million people annually in Africa, Latin America, Russia and much of Asia.
From poisonous frogs to cobras, take a look at the world’s top 10 killers and find out where to avoid them.

The Asian cobra will leave you paralysed with fear… literally.
The snake’s venom contains a powerful post-synaptic neurotoxic and when bitten, it acts on the nerves and paralyses muscles. Severe bites can lead to respiratory failure and heart attacks.
Of the 50,000 deaths from snakes bites across the world each year, this species is responsible for a large number of them.
Usually found in grasslands, open forests and savanna, the Asian cobra is a widespread and common species from central and eastern Asia, Vietnam and Thailand.
This jellyfish has a venom that attacks a human’s cardiac and nervous systems and if it stings you, you have virtually no chance of surviving unless treated straight away.

cute nose snake

These strange-looking reptile known to science as big noses snakes Boulanger (Latin Rhynchophis boulengeri), but in the entire history of its existence, they managed to get a lot of other names. The most popular of them - the snake-green rhino and the unicorn.

Lovely Pictures of Animals Looking Cute

Is there anything cuter than a kitten playing with a squirrel, or a baby goat? Then there is always the baby monkey sitting in the palm of your hand and the baby bird in the nest with its mother just after being hatched. One would have a difficult time choosing between these animals to determine which is the cutest.

Most Bizarre Photography and Bodypainting Art Exhibition Ever

Ant_Human Pictures Photographer-Lennette-Newell-paints-models-look-just-like-wild-animals.
Lannette Newell is a great photographer who has created a bizarre exhibit featuring famous models who are covered  with body paint to look like wild animals. It is an amazing thing to its viewers. Her daring pictures show models in posing with paint as zebras, baboons, cheetahs and elephants next to their real life correspondent.
She is a famous photographer of San Francisco where she displays her photos named as “Anti-Human”. She wanted to do this work from her childhood. It was her desire to become one of the animals that her father used to treat as a vet. You can see all of her picture collection about “Anti-Human” at Lass Angles and California.

Ant_Human Pictures By Lattenee

The 5 Wonderful Purple Animals

1.    Purple Starfish:
Starfish is an amazing animal in the world. It varies in different colors like blue, green, violet and purple. It looks purple on the land and much elusive under the water.
It is also known as Ochre Sea Star. You can find it easily in sunny areas of the reef and reef fringe. It has bright blue body with purplish spots. It shows a great and amazing look to its viewers.
Purple Starfish wonderful piece of nature posted by nadeem
What a terrific collection of purple animals of the world? You should see enjoy beautiful gift of Nature.
2. Orchid Dotty Back:
It is a popular aquarium fish. It eats a steady diet of meat. Its length is round about 2 inches. It is a peaceful fish but can be territorial among other same species.
It is also known as Peseudochromic Frudnabi. It founds in western Indian Ocean in different colors. It likes to live in the depth of the Ocean and have wonderful look.
3. Purple Martin:
It is the largest swallow of North America. It has great ability in fight and high speed. It dives from the sky at

Most Poisonous Frogs of the World

Wonderful Green Frog
Frogs are animals of zoological class that is called Amphibian. These are cold blooded vertebrate animals. They have a difference from reptiles because they have lack scales and generally live in water.
There are many types of frogs found all over the world. It mostly characterized by color. Some frogs can adjust their color according to weather and temperature.

What a fantastic frogs you have never seen yet. See the wonderful view of different colorful and amazing frogs of the world.
Mostly people kept frogs and took them to their home for sake of enjoyment. But these frogs can be dangerous for them. Here you can learn about harmful and deadly poisonous frogs.
Wondrous Blue Frog
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog :
These kinds of frogs have bright red skin and the little strawberry dart frog. They are mostly found in Central

Powerful Fish To Live Without Water

US scientist’s research reveal that tropical fish that live in the swamp is able to survive for months without water. One of these fish species are mangrove rivulus (Rivulus marmoratus) that live in mangrove swamp along the American continent.

Once the dry season arrives and the water shortage shrinking, this fish, that can only grow to 7.5 inch size, sometime is trapped in the hollow trunk of the tree made of insects, coconut, and even tin cans. They live huddled in a dirt hole and breathe using the skin rather than gills.

Unlike most fish that breathe with gills, rivulus mangrove breathing using skin. When the habitat begins to dry, they are hiding in holes in the ground, or even a coconut shell drink cans. In hiding, the fish breathe with the skin and can live for months without water. After the rain came and water flood the habitat back, they came out from hiding and live like ordinary fish.

Rat Fashion Show

Dozens of rat lovers gathered in Manhattan to attend the world's first Fancy Rat Convention, where pet fashion designer Ada Nieves showed off her rodent clothing collection, featuring rat tuxedos, wedding dressed, bridesmaids gowns and other exclusive designs. Her creations come complete with crystals or feathers and sell for about $80 each.

Weird Albino Snake with Two Heads

Oh man! this this white snake looks bizarrely beautiful.

24 Hilarious Animal Obesity Artworks

The problem of obesity isn’t confined to just humans. A new study finds increased rates of obesity in mammals ranging from feral rats and mice to domestic pets and laboratory primates. Definitely these images are not real but it is also fact that obesity is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide.

2and a half dogs

A Girl and Her Cat

Italian-born Stefano Giacomini is a photographer who's fixated by the woman’s body. “I think that the body of a woman is one of the most beautiful things can exist all over the world: a perfect mix with lights and colors!," he's said. "I first fell in love with this kind of subject when I admired a Giulio Monteverde’s sculpture.”

Giacomini's la femme et le chat is a stunning black and white series of a woman and her cat walking along a lovely cobblestone street in Italy. There is a peacefulness about the photos that capture your gaze.

What a sweet and charming set!

Living With A Lion

Owner of a mini-zoo in Ukraine moved into a cell with quite dangerous current resident – a lioness. Alexander Pylyshenko, for 40 years now wants to get into the Guinness Book of Records, by spending five weeks side by side with the Great Cat. All got complicated by the fact that the lioness was pregnant. The experiment began in early August. Alexander created a special closed cell with a bath while all other conditions are the same for Pylyshenko and for lioness. “The living conditions will be exactly the same for Katie and me. We will sleep on the wooden floorboards, eat food that zoo workers give us through the bars, “Alexander said. “Also, the cell has four webcams installed. Meant for recording and Internet broadcast “- he added.

Top 15 Funny Sports Moments in Pictures of 2011

Speed Resilient Dog

Huge Crocodile is caught in Philippines

20+ Beautiful Photos of Animals with Moms

Everybody like animals, specially it becomes more lovely the watch animal mom and their kids together showing love and affection to each other. Here we have gathered some very nice and heart touching pictures of animals with moms. Hope you will like these photography. If you like this awesome photography then feel free and share your comments with us.

The Baby Elephant Orphanage in Kenya

Beautiful World Inside The Ocean


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