Sheep Moving In To “Hobbiton”

Hobbiton is known as the little village in the Lord of the rings trilogy, where the Hobbits are living in small houses. In real life that place is called Matamata and is located in New Zealand. After shooting the movie, the little village became a tourist attraction, and the reason for that is not only because of the movies, but the sheep that are staying there.
sheep hobbit 2
They just moved in from a farm nearby, and it is funny because it looks like they are actually living there. The tourists that get a toured guide in the former Hobbiton have the opportunity to pet the lambs that are lying inside the houses. The village has perfect nature surroundings and the sheep are just giving it the idyllic untouched hint.
sheep hobbit 1
The reason why the houses are simple and empty is because they didn’t need to furnish them, and that is
because they used only Bilbo’s house in the movie, that was shot in a studio somewhere else. It is as idyllic as in the movie; the sheep has just made it more farm-likely. Speaking of Hobbit houses, this man built a hobbit looking house, looking like the Hobbit ones, in Wales.
sheep hobbit 3
sheep hobbit 4
sheep hobbit 5
sheep hobbit 6
sheep hobbit 7


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