Worst Family Pet Photos Ever

A couple, who must really like their pets, pose completely nude with their animals

While the old saying suggests that a dog is man’s best friend, these people have taken it one step beyond and included their beloved pets – who look petrified – in family portraits.
The result is an eerie, awkward and, most importantly, hilarious catalogue of images – from the baby with the snake coiled around it to the woman armed with a pink shotgun and baby in the bath with her hairy dog.
These photographs, released by www.awkwardfamilypetphotos.com, celebrate the worst family pet portraits from the website – and they plan to release a paperback book on the subject in the autumn.
A baby in his slithering bassinet sits in the coils of a pet snake

These dog lovers enjoy Christmas Day with all the family

The world’s biggest cat? Looks like somebody has had a bit too much Purina

A couple, their parrot, and a rifle equipped with scope and bayonet. One big happy family.

This one goes out to bird lovers everywhere – there’s nothing quite like posing in the barn with your favourite rooster

This clan smile for the camera with their very own family of pooches

This man dozes as he uses his pet dog as a pillow

This red monkey resented the hand-me-downs

A man and his cat try to strike the same pose during a photoshoot


Anonymous said...

Whenever this book comes out, I think it will sell. These pictures are hilarious and scary at the same time.But, whoever put that baby in the coils of that snake should be locked up! That is not cute, but dangerous.

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