Creepy Tibetan Sky Burial

In Tibet, there is a tradition of so-called “sky burial”. Its main idea consists in the following. When we die and our souls go to heaven, our bodies should also be somehow sent there. So Chinese people invented their own method how to do it. Please, do not read this post if you are faint hearted!
It's very beautiful in there.

At first the body is delivered to the valley.

Then it's unwrapped.

No funeral wreaths, orchestras or limousines.

Then the body is fastened to the peg and slightly cut.


Vultures finish their food rather quickly...

Сuriously enough, there was the only raven among the vultures.

Many small bones on the ground.

Then the big bones and skull are unfastened...

And broken to pieces.

The birds are waiting.

The brain is also released.

The birds eat.

And fly away taking the body of the dead back to the soul.

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