How To Catch An Alligator

Alligators 32
In Miami there is one of the best zoos in the USA. It is enormous and it is best to move over it by bicycle.
The most interesting thing there is the show during which a man puts a hand into the mouth of an alligator.
So let us visit crocodiles.

Alligators 2
People are moving along a narrow channel. Everyone got the instructions not to put the hands into water.

Alligators 3
Alligators begin to appear on the surface.

Alligators 4

Alligators 5
Some of them follow the visitors.

Alligators 6

Alligators 7

Alligators 8

Alligators 9
Cute kid alligator.

Alligators 10

Alligators 11
It is not heavy yet and can have some rest on a leaf.

Alligators 12
Mother appears ready to defend her child.

Alligators 13
Part of the show during which a brave man walks near large alligator.

Alligators 14

Alligators 15
Alligators can't see what is going on in front of them, they see only aside.

Alligators 16
It doesn't even see where the man's hand is at the moment.

Alligators 17
That's how to catch an alligator from the back.

Alligators 18
Then one can grab its jaws, it can't open the mouth.

Alligators 19
If one closes the eyes of the alligator it is going to fall asleep.

Alligators 20
After the show one could have a picture with a small alligator.

Alligators 21
Some other photos of the zoo.

Alligators 22

Alligators 23

Alligators 24

Alligators 25

Alligators 26

Alligators 27

Alligators 28

Alligators 29

Alligators 30

Alligators 31

Alligators 1

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