The 5 Wonderful Purple Animals

1.    Purple Starfish:
Starfish is an amazing animal in the world. It varies in different colors like blue, green, violet and purple. It looks purple on the land and much elusive under the water.
It is also known as Ochre Sea Star. You can find it easily in sunny areas of the reef and reef fringe. It has bright blue body with purplish spots. It shows a great and amazing look to its viewers.
Purple Starfish wonderful piece of nature posted by nadeem
What a terrific collection of purple animals of the world? You should see enjoy beautiful gift of Nature.
2. Orchid Dotty Back:
It is a popular aquarium fish. It eats a steady diet of meat. Its length is round about 2 inches. It is a peaceful fish but can be territorial among other same species.
It is also known as Peseudochromic Frudnabi. It founds in western Indian Ocean in different colors. It likes to live in the depth of the Ocean and have wonderful look.
3. Purple Martin:
It is the largest swallow of North America. It has great ability in fight and high speed. It dives from the sky at
great speed with its wings tucked. Mostly people of America likes these cool birds.
It lives in artificial martin houses of wood and artificial fake plastic grounds. It catches insects from the air and eats them.
Purple Martin amazing bird posted by nadeem younis mankera pakistan
4. Violet Sea Snails:
It is a small snail which means that it lives in sea away from shores. It is a very unique animal which has blue color. It spends most of its life on the surface of the open sear however, it can found on the shores in the west of England.
It has five spirals on the body shell. Color of its body and shell is purple. It has no eyes. It seals the bubbles in mucus to form a foamy raft.
Violet Sea Snails a unique purple anima;
5. Purple Emperor Butterfly:
These are wondrous and good looking butterflies. It is a magnificent and elusive insect that spends most its life in the woodland canopy. Top surface of butterfly’s wings is covered in iridescent scales. It displays a rich and royal purple tone from different angles.
These beautiful butterflies found in England, some countries of Europe, Korea and northern Asia. It gave wonderful view when its wings are at a certain angle to the sun.


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