Most Bizarre Photography and Bodypainting Art Exhibition Ever

Ant_Human Pictures Photographer-Lennette-Newell-paints-models-look-just-like-wild-animals.
Lannette Newell is a great photographer who has created a bizarre exhibit featuring famous models who are covered  with body paint to look like wild animals. It is an amazing thing to its viewers. Her daring pictures show models in posing with paint as zebras, baboons, cheetahs and elephants next to their real life correspondent.
She is a famous photographer of San Francisco where she displays her photos named as “Anti-Human”. She wanted to do this work from her childhood. It was her desire to become one of the animals that her father used to treat as a vet. You can see all of her picture collection about “Anti-Human” at Lass Angles and California.

Ant_Human Pictures By Lattenee

Ant_Human Pictures By Lattenee 3
Ant_Human Pictures By Lattenee 4 posted by nadeem younis
Models Pose In Animal Print Body Paint
Ant_Human Pictures By Lattenee 6


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