Most Poisonous Frogs of the World

Wonderful Green Frog
Frogs are animals of zoological class that is called Amphibian. These are cold blooded vertebrate animals. They have a difference from reptiles because they have lack scales and generally live in water.
There are many types of frogs found all over the world. It mostly characterized by color. Some frogs can adjust their color according to weather and temperature.

What a fantastic frogs you have never seen yet. See the wonderful view of different colorful and amazing frogs of the world.
Mostly people kept frogs and took them to their home for sake of enjoyment. But these frogs can be dangerous for them. Here you can learn about harmful and deadly poisonous frogs.
Wondrous Blue Frog
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog :
These kinds of frogs have bright red skin and the little strawberry dart frog. They are mostly found in Central
America. These kinds of frogs are very dangerous for humans.
 Red Poison frog
It gets poison from eating mites. According to the latest research that rather than ants as was previously thought it is different species of the minuscule which are found in the frog’s skin. The main cause of poison in the frog are mites not it.
Wonderful red poison frog
Splash-backed Poison Frog:
It has black and white skin. It finds in rainforest of Ecuador and Peru. It has very dangerous poison in its skin to be capable of killing five humans in one time. It looks a nice and beautiful frog but it is a very harmful frog of the world.
Wonderful black and white frog 4
Golden Poison Frog:
It is a deadly poison frog of the world. It finds in Netherlands and can kill up to 20 people and two big elephants of Africa.
Wonderful yellow frog
The human can died if he even touches that. It’s poison attack direct on the heart and fails it.
wonderful golden poison frogs of he world
Phantasmal Poison Frog:
This harmful frog is tiny but has a toxicity hat belies its size. Its poison can easily kill animals and also the humans. The number of these frogs is very low in the world.
Red and yelllow frog poison
Dyeing Dart Frog:
This use poison for self defense and it comes in different colors. It is the third largest frog of poison frogs. The poison of  this frog is also used by tribes fro hunting purpose.
Prisionours Black Frog
Red-backed Poison Frog:
It is looks like a tiny and wondrous frog and also does any serious injury to humans and has a power of poison to kill animals. It has a great defense against any enemy. Its poison is very dangerous as like a poison of a big snake.
Poisonours Red and black  frog
Black-legged Dart Frog:
It is 2nd most toxic frog of the world. You can find this frog in Western Colombia. It is smaller than other frogs.  It is also less dangerous than other. But still its poison can kill somebody.
lovely little frog
Giant Leaf Frog:
It is very interesting frog and known as monkey frog. It is a very menacing frog. It can become cause of cancer and AIDS and other dangerous diseases. This frog itself injects the poison in other’s body.
Beautiful green frogs
Lovely Poison Frog:
This wonderful poison frog also known as striped poison frog. It is mostly finds in Central America. The poison of this frog is low as 0.8 micrograms and also dangerous for human. It cause for heart failure.
lovely poison frog of the world
Blue Poison Dart Frog:
This frog has low quality poison but still it is harmful for humans. It lives at South America. Its 2 micrograms of poison can kill a human easily. It can kill any predator not warned away by its voice like coloring.
Blue Pison Frog of hte world
Golfodulcean Poison Frog:
This wonderful frog is strikingly colored. It contains noticeably less poison than the three species ahead of it in the toxicity stakes.
Wonderful Giolen green poison frog
Corroboree Frog:
These dangerous frogs are easily recognizable by their yellow stripes and finds at Australia. This frog can produce poison by itself. They east bugs and insects. This is a beautiful frog but have poison for others.
Amazing Tow Color Frog poison frog frog of the world


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