Top 5 Dangerous Exotic Pets

5. Chimps and Monkeys

They are adorable.  The human resemblance is amazing.  They are also known to bite and attack humans and animals alike.  I once saw the damage that a monkey caused when it attacked a dog in India and let’s just say those puncture wounds weren’t pretty.  The dog also lost an ear and an eye in the process.  Sometimes cute is pretty deceptive.
4. Venomous Snakes

Again I go back to my comments about the scorpions.  They are snakes.  They are poisonous.  They bite.  None of this is a good combination.  In Cincinnati a man was bitten by his rhinoceros viper snake, which is one of the world’s deadliest snakes.  He did receive anti-venom and survived.  But who really wants to take that risk?
3. Crocodiles and Alligators

Often people get crocs and alligators when they are little and cute and look like happy little lizards.  Have you seen the jaws on those things?  They didn’t make an entire TV show around hunting them out if there wasn’t some sort of risk and danger there.  So keeping one in a kiddie pool in the back yard may not be the best idea.  Just ask anyone who has lived in Florida and found one under their car.
2. Big Cats

Again it’s these cute ones that you have to worry about.  When these guys are babies, who could resist?  But no matter how young they are or how well trained they are, they can turn on you in a second.  They feed them raw steak for goodness sake, shouldn’t that be a sign?
1. Kinkajou

Ok, so I had no Idea what a Kinkajou even was.  But when I looked it up I couldn’t resist its adorable little furry bodies and those big buggy eyes.  A kinkajou, also known as a sugar bear, looks like a cross between a squirrel, a hamster, and a chinchilla.  They are pretty darn cute.  But again it’s the cute ones.  Paris Hilton has a pet kinkajou named Baby Luv.  In 2005 she took it shopping with her and was attacked by the thing and it clawed up her face.  The brilliance of this is that again in 2006 Baby Luv sent Hilton to the emergency room after she was bitten by that cute Baby Luv on the arm.


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