Top 5 New Sea Wonders from Atlantic

5. Purple and Peculiar

This is a purple variety of the enteropneust acorn worm, which may be a transitional species between invertebrates and backboned animals. The creature feeds on seafloor sediment, leaving behind variable wavy traces.
4. Pretty Weird in Pink

The Northern Pink variety of the deep-sea acorn worm leaves behind characteristic spiral traces on the seafloor of the North Atlantic.
3. Comb Jelly

This comb jelly was found close to the seafloor on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a tectonic plate boundary.
2. Star of the Show

This specialized starfish, also known as a basket star or Gorgonocephalus, captures krill in its intricate arms.
1. Ridge Runner

This sea cucumber (Peniagone porcella) feeds on the seafloor but is capable of swimming. It is found amid the hills and valleys of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


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