Top 5 Surprising Animal Facts

5. A Wolf’s Howl Does Not Echo

Wolves hunt in coordinated packs, so long-distance communication is critical to a successful kill. However, wolves hunt in mountainous areas, so their howling is left vulnerable to echoes that can distort their ability to communicate. To combat this, wolves howl at a frequency that will not echo. This allows them to confirm the exact location of their hunting partners, which helps them to ambush unsuspecting prey.
4. Half of All Orangutans Have Broken Bones

Orangutans seem to drift through branches from tree to tree with relative ease. However, almost all orangutans suffer serious falls at least a few times in their lives. Proving this is the fact that 50 percent of adult orangutans have fractured bones somewhere in their body.
3. Some Clams Are Transgendered

Every single clam is born into the world a male. To combat this sexually unproductive sausage-fest, clams have developed the ability to change their gender from male to female. However, before the clam makes this serious adjustment, it has to be sure, as once the change is made, it’s irreversible.
2. Woodpeckers Are Soft-Headed

Woodpeckers bash their heads against wood about 20 pecks every second, so you’d think they’d need heads made of steel to survive. Instead, the reality is that woodpecker heads are relatively soft. Each bird is born with a soft, sponge-like mass behind its beak that absorbs the shock created by pecking.
1. An Elephant’s Daily

It’s not surprising to learn that elephants poop a lot; however, the actual amount of dung excreted by an adult elephant on a daily basis is shocking. The average elephant squeezes out about 220 pounds of excrement every single day. That’s about the same poundage as a newborn elephant, which generally weighs in at between 170 – 250 pounds.


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