National Pigeon Association’s “Grand National” Pigeon Show

National Pigeon Association is an all-breeds pigeon club with an international membership founded in 1920 by humans. Encompassing all varieties of domesticated pigeons, the NPA promotes, educates, and acknowledges the efforts of fanciers and pigeon breeders in the continued development and care of our feathered friends.

The NPA holds one of the largest pigeon show in the United States – the Grand National - annually in alternating geographical areas of the country. Showcasing over 200 breeds of fancy, exhibition pigeons, the Grand National frequently attracts nearly 9,000 prized birds. Last year, the Grand National was held in Salt Lake City, Utah. A total of 3,721 entries representing 26 breeds of pigeon, from 271 exhibitors from every US State and Canada were exhibited.

Below is just a few of some of the winners from the Grand National 2010. Believe me, you have never seen such well groomed and exotic pigeons before.


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