Amazing Insects!

The common insects that we hardly look at, mostly despise and even abhor, become artistic intricate objects when photographed by Igor Siwanowich. They alternatively resemble precision-made Japanese expensive toys, or furry-cuddly-plushy somethings that any mother and kid would love. In any way, they seem to transcend the fact that they are simply… you know, insects.
Eupackardia calleta
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Bad hair day:
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Plush Moth:
1926154189 4033a3b600 Amazing Insects!
1926981030 5e44ffb4fa Amazing Insects!
Larva of a sawfly, Cimbex femorata.:
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1927002814 2e933a7632 o Amazing Insects!
1926172487 ed6870b795 o Amazing Insects!
1926997798 3ae3452a83 o Amazing Insects!
1926167259 e9ed6c0a6e Amazing Insects!
1926166409 d9a93a8daa o Amazing Insects!
Delirium, featuring Brachypelma smithi spiders:
1926170057 6279fedb9d o Amazing Insects!
1926162967 d06d99527e Amazing Insects!
1926153461 9b5af3ad94 Amazing Insects!
1927005872 ade888327d o Amazing Insects!
1926982254 768a73ed27 Amazing Insects!
1926178043 7950504d71 Amazing Insects!
Idolomantis diabolica – Devil’s Flower Mantis:
1926158989 f6a63316b2 o Amazing Insects!
The Secret Council:
1926157837 bdee760d83 o Amazing Insects!
He’s back:
1926160103 ed007ca7d3 o Amazing Insects!
Cyclommatus – stag beetles – “locking horns”:
1926163859 d4448c7787 Amazing Insects!
1926992660 6497f3f964 Amazing Insects!
We have to admit these critters look well-dressed enough to be admitted to the Royal Ball Dance, or something similarly glamorous.
“Oh… don’t mention it” -
1926156605 2f8b74800a Amazing Insects!
(all photos copyright: Igor Siwanowicz, used by permission)
“Mug-shots” for the Micropolitan Gallery
Another gorgeous macro-photography set is on display at Micropolitan Museum. The photos are by Wim van Egmond. Make sure to check out the whole collection. Some mugshots are frankly quite ugly, re-enforcing our general dislike of flies and spiders. All are fascinating, though.
1937108048 8a2d0fe32e Amazing Insects!
Tiger Beetle with its powerful jaws
1936272837 d64152990e Amazing Insects!
Midge’s Antennas
1936272585 db8b69c9d1 Amazing Insects!
The Shield Bug, Coreus marginatus
1937107726 af3152ab85 Amazing Insects!
(images credit: Wim van Egmond)
A Few More Fantastic Insects
Culled from here and there, these faceted visages are prime portrait material, and asking to be framed for your living room. (if your dwelling is cool enough to allow for this)
487058533 716be6f538 Amazing Insects!
1927287485 05e3d66302 Amazing Insects!
(images credit: Daniel Aqua)
487058333 853868fd5f Amazing Insects!
(image credit: Poras Chaudhary)
1517322756 96c4d2b48e Amazing Insects!
(original unknown)
The Moon Moth (Luna Moth):
1430457618 526afe7005 Amazing Insects!
(image credit: Birds & Blooms, 2004)
411996828 debfdef89e o Amazing Insects!
Giant Brown Grasshopper, Israel:
1191451118 67eb324d21 Amazing Insects!
1191451746 de0ff6654c Amazing Insects!
(images credit: Botinok)
Weird Aranha Branca “White Spider”, similar to these.
1927711621 05eaa60739 Amazing Insects!
(image credit: Sergio Velho Junior)
Treat bugs good and they will do the same to you… maybe.
1384778911 13981500b3 Amazing Insects!


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