10 Most Magnificent Beasts of Animal Kingdom

Our planet is endowed with a pulchritude of species on land, under the sea and up in the sky. All animals are wonderful bust some just stand apart from the pack .
Here is a list of  ten most magnificent beasts of animal kingdom that will leave you in awe.

1. White Lion
Also known as albino lion it is one of the rarest animals in the world.
2. Emerald Green Boa

The stunning color make it easier for them to hide among trees and turn the rest of the jungle green with envy!
3. Killer Whale
As the name suggests, the killer whale is a deadly predator, combining remarkable skill with awesome physical power. Orcas have a number of ingenious techniques in their hunting arsenal, giving them one of the most diverse diets of all aquatic predators
4. Leopard
The ultimate animal print that  every human wants  to cover themselves is leopard skin. Till date it is the most popular  animal accessory. No doubt the leopard is one beautiful predator!
5. American Kestrel
The American Kestrel is part of the small falcon’s family and it is the most accurate example of how the majestic stature of a predator bird can be also amazingly looking because of its  beautiful  blue feathers.
6. Egyptian Vulture
This is a smallish Old World vulture, which is absolutely stunning when you consider what it does. Their plumage is all white, or turning dusty colored as we see here. The orange faces is believed to be due to its habit of eating mammalian feces which contains carotenids from carrots and shell fish.
7. Poison Dart Frog
It may be cute and brightly colored but this small frog is also a killer. It secretes a neurotoxin that can kill a man that came in contact with it almost instantly. The  neuro toxin is the frog’s survival tool but nevertheless a deadly weapon.
8. Red Panda
It is the only species of the  genus ailrus. It is the size of a small cat.
9. Okapi
These mammals are a mixture of  giraffe and  zebra and are known for the  design pattern on their  bodies.
10. Polar bear
The largest  carnivorous animal on the planet is also one of the most dangerous creatures of the world. Running into one is not likely to happen unless you plan to visit the Arctic but you better know that it does not take kindly to humans exactly like its brothers from the other continents don’t.


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