Along the Turtle Paths

These tracks are not left by cars or trucks, these are turtle paths in the beach of Yemen. From the moment of birth a turtle remembers the way back for 30 years to come back here for the first laying. Then it will be back here almost every year, till it dies on the halfway one day.
Looking at this it seems you know how a cosmonaut from the Earth would feel being on Mars. Like a turtle on this beach of Yemen - clumsy and unprotected. Seems he still has oxygen in his spacesuit and connection with the Earth, but can't act freely and he has to work despite any possible problems or even dangers. 

Officially they are even under protection here, such beaches are kept away from those who seek easy profit. The reality is however in empty turtle nests. Yes, they still return, usually at bright full moon nights. But each new year less and less turtle visitors are seen by the beach. And we don't want to believe that once a day will come when no paths appear from the sea ...

There are even crossroads.

This one died leading itself to exhaustion on its way back.

Ravaged laying.

Unlucky turtle kid.

Wanderer at night.

It succeded, although, the last meters came extremely hard.

Turtle beach.

Crab hieroglyphs.

Nesting site holes.

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