Owners of All Animals - the Masai

The Masai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are nearly the most well known African ethnic group, due to their distinctive customs and dress. Today the Masai population is about 400.000 people. 

They have many in common with the other Kenyan people - Himba.

For example, they also build huts near the central court.

Masai use sticks and manure for huts construction.

Masai believe that they own all animals in the world. That was the reason for many conflicts with other people.

However there are some distinctions between Masai and Himba. Especially as to clothes. Masai wear more things, and they are of modern materials.

Locals sell souvenirs of their country.

To become a real man every boy has to leave his family at young age, build himself a house and live there for several years. Then he returns home to have here some rights.

Masai are known to be fierce fighters, but now they do not have any enemies and their one occupation is grazing.

All men carry sticks, that is something like an arm.

Unfortunately, practically all Masai children do not go to school.

The night Kenyan sky.

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